Our friends over on the Play team were looking to give their direct response banner templates a revamp. Needless to say, I was excited to join the exercise & bring some of my thoughts to the table! Working in tandem with our writer, we needed to make sure the visuals as well as the language would quickly excite viewers. In addition, we wanted them to explore the huge library of apps, movies, music and everything else Google Play has to offer.


Utilizing the core colors of the Google Play prism, we aimed to create a visual language that could be flexible enough for each of the main verticals - Apps & Games, Movies & TV, Music, Books. We explored everything from type treatments to color placements as well as animated & static executions.

Additionally, we explored how Google Play could use machine learning to personalize experiences. We thought about different users and when these units might be most relevant. For example, rainy weather might call for a handful of the latest books. Alternatively, fitness trackers & hiking guides may be best for a sunny weeknd.




Jackie Brito
Zanya Fahy
Simmi Patel
James Philipps